Let’s Get Started

More and more, I find myself in conversation with friends and family about money. It’s a fascinating topic. Like religion and politics, you don’t want to talk about your own personal finances at a dinner party, yet, somehow we have no problem talking about others.

Money is a personal thing. How much you make, how much you spend, how much you save. Many people get flashy with money. They buy elaborate houses, fancy clothes, luxury cars. Is there anything wrong with any of those things? No. But the sad reality is that those things are often touted by the unwealthy of the world. Living with bling only lasts so long. At some point, for most of us, we will find ourselves strapped for cash.

Over the course of this blog I want to share stories: the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to share tips and tricks for saving well and spending wisely. I want to answer questions and share experiences to help YOU get on your way to financial freedom.

I am not a financial advisor and I am not offering advice in any of these posts. I am not making recommendations on what you should and shouldn’t do. I just want to share with you my stories and my experiences along my journey.