Penny Doubled Everyday – Money Fun Fact

Back in the seventh grade, I remember a finance guy come into my math class. He asked, “Would you rather a million dollars right now, or a penny doubled everyday for a month?” Naturally, we[…]


Defy Debt – Is Debt Really a Bad Thing?

One thing that nearly everyone (except lenders and credit card companies) can agree on is the idea that debt is bad. I firmly believe debt is mostly bad, as in mostly dead (Princess Bride reference).[…]

How Much Does Coffee Actually Cost

Spend Sincerely – Wisely Spend Your Money

We’ve tackled giving generously, getting rich slowly through saving and actively investing. The fourth point in my personal financial philosophy is spending sincerely. While having money and making it work for us through giving, saving[…]

Money Can't Buy Me Love

My Philosophy on Personal Finance

Thinking back to elementary school, I remember conversation surrounding, “What would you do with a million dollars?” I’m not sure whether it was a teacher’s way of psychoanalyzing what motivated each student or just a[…]